It is the first step that is difficult, that is a Nigerian proverb that I can relate to. Like an average person, most of my life I have dreamed having a good job which pays me well. After obtaining my degree I went straight into the corporate world and I worked for three different companies within a period of 12 months. Through my 12 months of being an employee, I realised that I cannot handle the pressure of working for someone else. My happiness level dropped from day to day as I changed companies thinking things will be different. I couldn’t live the rest of my life feeling sorry for myself on a day to day basis. Something had to be done. There are so many ways to be brave in this world. Sometimes bravery involves laying down your life for something bigger than yourself. Sometimes it involves giving up everything you have ever believed in, for the sake of something new and bigger.

Zambian people will tell you, If you are ugly, learn how to dance. I was bad at being an employee so there was only one path to take… ENTREPRENEURSHIP. According to the ministry of Small Businesses South Africa, less than 14% of South Africans are willing to start up their own businesses. This report made me think about the spirit of dependency that we the youth of South Africa have. I started questioning my needs. Oh you want to be a business manager? Who’s business do you want to manage? Want to get well paid? Who has to go through the risks and stresses of starting up a business so that he can pay you? So basically my experiences changed my whole life. I am currently on a journey to touch people’s lives and change it for the better. In order to do that I will first empower myself and those around me who want to be empowered. Self empowerment is not a get rich scheme nor is it an activity to accumulate wealth, but it is a call to say “Yes, I can and I will do it, no matter what”. My journey so far is very hectic as I am struggling, I am not working and I am not unemployed. I am on the first step of self empowerment, and it is always difficult.

Lately I meet influential people who mentor me, and surprisingly non of them had an easy start. Yes I admit the road will be more difficult but if my life was a chapter in a book it was never going to consist of the phrase “I give up”. This short article is a call to all those who want empower themselves, those who believe the world owes them nothing. I am speaking about those who understand that feeling sorry for yourself is a drag. I am speaking about those who believe that their future is shaped not by the political aspects surrounding them. I am speaking about fresh entrepreneurs. Please let’s help each other grow!