Developing a Capitalist Mentality In A Communist Country.

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Shout out to young men and women in business, please let innovation drive your business. Hope you enjoy this!

Often we cry, cry for food.

Often we cry, we want to be fed.

Is it poverty making us cry? Or is it the spirit of dependency?

Our country is promoting communism and demoting capitalism.

Do we not know that communism alone cannot change the world?

Why do we not recognise the importance of competition in the environment? Why are we neglecting the need for a survival of the fit economy?

Why are there millions of us suffering when there is one individual who can afford to feed a million daily?

Why do individuals have billions and yet some communities cannot afford to feed their own children?

The answers to the above questions are in the middle. We depend so much on other people we often forget our capabilities.  Is it a coincident that the poorest countries in the world are all communist countries?

It does not require rocket science to calculate that if 1 individual could make a million in a month then 99 individuals have the chance to make more than 99 million monthly. Social Cohesion!

Instead we the team 99, point fingers, we blame the government for everything. We blame racism, crime and foreigners.

We are the so called “New Generation” yet we fail to empower ourselves.

We act like the world owe us something. We use this religion thing in the wrong way.

We pray for miracles we cannot handle. We blame the devil for our laziness; we tend to rely so much on getting employed rather than being empowered.

We always have anything else to blame but ourselves. We consult spiritual people to point out shortcuts for us. We pray for change just to resist it.

We preach love, unity, togetherness, and peace but act aggressive, violent, jealous and angry. The 99 of us rely on that 1 game changer for our survival, yet we label him a selfish capitalist brother.

We get employed just so that we can show ‘them’ that we living better lives. We tend to celebrate our brothers and sisters’ business failures but whisper their success.

This is not a poem, it’s a revolution, it is not a speech it is an eye opener. We need to decide what we want to be. Its either we stick to communism and die together, or we accept capitalism and prosper as individuals. We can change the 1 to 25 and the 99 to 75.

Let us show the world that we are the chosen generation. We are the Generation Y, The game CHANGERS, the opportunists, and the future of innovation. Let’s pray for strength, not just miracles, let’s act what we pray for. You cannot pray for a family if you are not responsible enough to raise a little girl.

The legendary Bob Marley once mentioned that there is enough bread for all of us; he preached that the rich should share the bread with the poor. I agree with him in the first part of his sentence, the world produces enough resources to feed every living organism in every specie. In humans there is enough capital for the survival of everybody. I however disagree with the second part, he is sounding like it is the responsibility of the rich to feed the poor. Instead of begging the rich to share, why can’t we compete with them for their bread? If the rich share that is a good thing but if they refuse to share it should not be a bad thing.

The point I am trying to make is, people should think like capitalists. Capitalism drives innovation which in turn drives productivity. Productivity drives away poverty and hunger.

-Thabang Ledwaba


Golden Projects

Enjoy the article. May it change your attitude for the better. Contact me on for any query.
Enjoy the article. May it change your attitude for the better. Contact me on for any query.


Covered By: Thabang Ledwaba

Occupation: Serial entrepreneur, Facilitator, PR Practitioner and Public Speaker.

Interest: Adding value to people’s lives through business speaking.

Objectives: To stimulate and intensify innovation and great business attitude of South Africa’s current and future business drivers.

Blog inspired by: Chika Onyeani’s Capitalist nigger, The CEO Sleep-out by talk Radio 702 and Sun International, and Stanford Ledwaba simply by being an awesome writer and an influential person.

Golden Projects

Golden Projects refers to core marketing activities, and management attitudes which if implemented correctly will result in strategic success of any kind of business. Dear reader: please note that in this article, a spade is being referred to as a spade. 8 out of 10 small businesses in South Africa fail within their first two years of operation. The Golden Projects movement aims to change the attitudes of small business owners for the better so that we can have individuals who will think globally and act locally. We aim to motivate, stimulate, and cultivate innovative behaviour of our entrepreneurs. Golden Projects will not only criticise but will give credit where it’s due. In this article the success of Pretoria’s very own clothing company the Pexa Brand which will be evaluated and referenced. We will also look at the downfalls of Mofaya energy drink and the Apple technique #GoldenProjects

            Wealth vs Success

Wealth, if you use it, comes to an end; learning, if you use it, increases. That’s no rocket science, that’s a basic fact. A lot of South African small business owners fail because they confuse success with wealth. In every project or organisation let’s work towards our business objectives, vision, and mission. If you do not have clearly defined objectives and you call yourself an entrepreneur, then I’m afraid you claiming the tittle you do not deserve. Similarly if your objectives are based on money making rather that growing and satisfying customers’ needs, then no please do our economy a favour and try something else. Please pause reading this article and think about your business or business idea. I mean it, please PAUSE… Great now ask yourself this question, does your business live or doest it exist? Keep the answer to yourself for now. Back to basics, why do you want to accumulate wealth? Do you want to prove a point to anyone? I urge all business owners to add value into people’s lives and develop objectives that speak about delivering value. Wealth should then come as a result of success and not the other way round.


Connect Your Brand to With Your Target Market.

A young business owner by the name of Bakang Tefo clearly understands the need to connect to targeted individuals which is why his company, Pexa Brand was nominated by the Tshwane Spotlight awards as the best local brand in the city of Pretoria. “If there your objectives do not connect to your target market on an emotional level then your brand exists it does not live” said Bakang when asked about his projects. Golden Projects are those activities that make your brand to not only earn income but also learn how to emotionally connect your brand with your prospect. Learning increases when you use it, remember? (I know what you are thinking, I’m a great writer thanks for the complimentJ). Now let me go back in time and share with you how Pexa Brand (PTY) LTD managed to win the hearts of hundreds or maybe thousands of Pretorians by incorporating learning in their branding.

Internally, the director of the brand is not afraid to invest in his partners and employees. A bad entrepreneur will say to you “What if I invest in them and they leave” a real business owner will think “What if I don’t invest in their learning and they stay”. The differences between the two entrepreneurs is that one of them understands that adding value on people’s lives is one of the key factors that a successful business person must posses, the other one thinks wealth is success, so he rather spend his money on purchasing some luxurious brands cause he has a point to prove not the world to change. By learning we do not necessarily refer to academic literature, but we acknowledge its importance. Investing in people’s learning may for example include taking them for extra software training or trusting them with your important files so that they can run the business when you are not around.

Externally, Pexa Brand understands the importance of stakeholder relationships and the significance of social responsibility. “Pexa as a brand also advocates for a community that gives back to itself hence we give people who are less fortunate food parcels and those who can’t pursue their studies we provided them with bursaries.” By the way Pexa Brand is less than a year old and they decided to focus on solving problems rather than accumulating wealth. The brand also has creative approaches to the customer’s special needs in order to find unique and tailored services solutions.

Innovative YES

Rocket Science? NO

As you can see their logo is a pecks which they pronounce 'Pex
As you can see their logo is a pegs which they pronounce ‘Pex” and is used in most of their designs.

Innovation and Marketing

Let us not confuse innovation with technology, although innovation through technology plays a vital part in every organisation. Innovation simply means coming up with services that your customer has never experienced before. Something you customer will not get from any of your competitors. Below is a picture of how Pexa Brand uses their logo to come up with exciting designs, something we do not see anywhere else. INNOVATION!

Their standard designs. I just want you to see the logo better. They use it to design graphics.
Their standard designs. I just want you to see the logo better. They use it to design graphics.

Communicate Benefits Not Features and Personal Goals

Remember marketing is about creating values, communicating it then delivering it to your customers. Let me explain to you, the success of Apple In-corporations, which is the most valuable brand in the world. Apple Inc did not reach the market share that they have by telling customers that they want to be billionaires. Now compare Apple Inc with our very own Mofaya Energy drink. The CEO, Sibusiso Leope was not ashamed to spread his objectives of becoming a billionaire. Well we spoke about good vs bad objectives. When communicating value to the customer, always make sure that whatever you communicating brings value to the customer not yourself. As a customer I will not just “support” somebody, I have a need that I have to satisfy, don’t beg me to buy your product because you black. Now back to Apple Inc, they communicate their value in a rather fascinating way. ad many notable advertisements since the 1980’s. The advertisements have maintained a style of contemporary art focusing on showing how the product is used rather than telling consumers about the product while also incorporating popular culture references. So they do not go around telling customers about their brand or product features, but rather tell or show customers about the benefits of their products.

This is what I mean when I say put People before Profit. In their first 3 months Pexa Brand is already offering bursaries.
This is what I mean when I say put People before Profit. In their first 3 months Pexa Brand is already offering bursaries.

Be a Golden Manager

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, please stand up and act golden. It is better to die in the sustained efforts to reach your goals, than die from fear of not even venturing. You should not wait for a miracle, you just have to push those mountains and start acting like a future Golden Projects Manager. All startup entrepreneurs, let’s all act like true Golden Managers. Create that innovative value, communicate it in an innovative way whilst showing benefits, and then deliver it in an innovative way if possible.

There is still a lot to discuss. If all goes well, we will have the book version of

#GoldenProjects. With all being said (critics and examples) I would like to add that I respect Sibusiso Leope as an entertainment entrepreneur and the critics are nothing personal. Special thanks to Bakang Tefo (Teffo) for his time and everybody who gave me a feedback on my first blog. Join the movement fellow Game-Changers.

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